Rabu, 18 Juni 2014

Ramadhan is now nearby

Hey, I Comin' out to get Ramadhan time, i take pasting within 13 Hours, Prayin', Workin' up, more. july 14, i back to school in Unggul Sakti vocational school on student orientation period event (3 Days), assuredly 1 week school. i return to school again in august.

Congratulations accomplishing fasting time

Kamis, 12 Juni 2014

The Cortex Band (Funny)

The Cortex Band was est. in 2000 begins with N. Brio as Drummer, N. Gin as Synth, N. Tropy as Guitarist, Tiny as Guitarist, Cortex as Vocalist. This band is the Rock genre, where the studio is Uka-Uka Music Studio address at Castle Cortex, near Evil Public School.

In the 2004, The Cortex Band get first album is "Evolvo-Rock", later add new personnel : N Trance as Bassist, Dingodille as Guitarist.

First concert in Native Village, but tribesmen are said "I Hate this Music, Because song was are ugly, huuuhhh !!!!!" consequently often be chaos village, moved concert in terra. after the displacement of the concert event more and more people are experiencing ethnic violence and later tied.

and aftermath since dingodille left this because he was pension from this band (due to discipline problem).
some 12 years later began the concert after concert chaos in the village (tieded by papu papu & tribesmen).

Personnel :

Uka -Uka

Doctor Nitrus Brio

Doctor Neo Cortex

N. Trance

Doctor N Gin

Tiny Tiger

Doctor Nefarious Tropy

Rabu, 04 Juni 2014


Soon Fatt adalah restoran tionghoa terletak di kota dublin, irlandia. meruapakn nama restoran tionghoa terunik di irlandia. namun slogannya "SOON FATT CHINESE TAKE AWAY (artinya SOON FATT TIONNGHOA MENGAMBILNYA)

Minggu, 01 Juni 2014

Modernisasi di simpang sekip ujung

simpang sekip ujung terletak di jalan basuki rahmat, jln. r soelamto, jln agk. 66, jln. amfibi, dikawasan ini setiap hari macet higga malam. jika ada hujan turun lalu lintas padat sekali. walikota akan rencana pelebaran jalan jend. basuki rahmat & jalan r. soelamto dan pembangunan underpass simp. patal untuk menecegah kemacetan lalu lintas.

 Desain Modernisasi simp. sekip ujung
 jalan jend. basuki rahmat (rencana pelebaran)
 jalan r. soelamto (rencana pelebaran)
 jalan angkatan 66 (rencana pemasangan median jalan)
 jalan amfibi (rencana pemasangan median jalan)
refresh simp. sekip ujung

Jose Mourinho meets Chick & Stew

Chick & Stew go to Stamford Bridge on last 2 Weeks. Starring from :

 Jose Mourinho



Chick : welcome, mou.
Mou : Hi everyone im jose mourinho from Chelsea FC Manager.
Mou : This manager starting since 2004 until 2007, and began to return as manager on June 2013 replaced by Rafael Benitez.
Stew : previously he served what, mou.
Mou : Internazionale from 2007 until 2010, Real Madrid CF from 2010 until 2013.
Stew : great job mou, it is became experienced life as a Chelsea FC manager since 2004.
Mou : Yes, Stew thank you so much i will leave.
Stew : ok.
Chick : Bye.....

Arsene Wenger meets Chick & Stew

I Will make the funny football talk show on yesterday 1 june, 2014 at MotorWorld Starring from :

 Arsene Wenger (Arsenal FC Manager)



Chick : Welcome Arsene Wenger
Wenger : yes, chick. i was from Arsenal FC Manager since 1996.
Chick : whoa, wenger was take a manager since 1996. what do you wenger want become a manager
Wenger : I was replace caretaker manager since september 30, 1996 is Pat Rice.
Chick : oh, Pat Rice is caretaker manager within 17 days.
Wenger : oh, it was temporary manager.

Stew : if you got a degree, wenger.
Wenger : I Have 3 Premier Leauge Titles, 5 FA Cups, 4 Charity Shields
Stew : how many wins by percent
Wenger : less than 58%